Mixing bowl spatula for the win!

Before I had my own kitchen, I never really understood why my Mum insisted on requesting spatulas as gifts each Christmas. How many spatulas does the woman really need?!? Turns out, you need a lot (forgive me Mum!). Little ones, thin ones, massive ones, coloured ones; really there is no limit when it comes to the shape, size and functionality of a good spatula.

This Christmas, my sister delivered in the true spirit of spatula giving. Not only did my mum get one, but I got one too. This one is from the Martha Stewart collection and it is simply genius. It is made of a durable silicone and shaped to hug the curves of an electric mixer, in my case, my lovely KitchenAid artisan mixer. It’s the first time I’ve been able to successfully scrape the sides of the mixer quickly and effortlessly. It made easy work of my ginger molasses spice cookies. Well done Tine and well done Martha.

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  • Katrina says:

    I have a recipe for ginger molasses spice cookies that we love too! They look just like yours when done. You have inspired me to go in search of a better spatula this weekend. Cheers!

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