Waste not, want not

If you don’t lick the spoon, you’re just plain foolish. The “leftovers” of baking are sometimes my primary reason for baking in the first place (I’ve never gotten sick from eating raw cookie dough after nearly 30 years of consumption, so why worry now). However, there is one baking leftover that I often get frustrated with… chocolate chips. Rarely does a recipe call for the entire bag of chips, but instead a cup or two. So there in my cupboard, often sits a 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chips with no home, except, inevitably, my tummy. 

So, in an effort to curb unnecessary sugar raids of the cupboard, I often use the entire bag of chocolate chips in whatever recipe I am making. Besides, I will sample enough to make-up the amount I would have stowed away in the cupboard. But what happens when the recipe calls for only a scant amount? Fear not my cupboard raiders, there is a solution. Take for example a Tiger Bar recipe off the back of the Chipits bag that I made today. It only used in total 3/4 of a cup of the Chipits which left about a half bag of delicious butterscotch bits. I looked at the bag, then the cupboard and then back at the bag and shouted “NO, this cannot be allowed, not this time” and shoved a tablespoon of the buttery Chipits into my mouth. I had to get rid of them, but how?

The recipe has a butterscotch rice crisp base which is then covered with a gentle layer of melted semi-sweet chocolate and finally drizzled with some melted butterscotch chips. Thinking back to some of the specialty dessert bars I had purchased at Vincenzo’s not too long ago, I remembered how many of them were topped with various flavours and colours of chocolate chips. Light bulb! I divided the finishing touches of the bar by drizzling half of it with the melted butterscotch chips and gently sprinkling the remaining bag of butterscotch chips on the other half. I even drizzled the latter with the melted Chipits.

I was pretty impressed with my solution (still ate a few more Chipits – for old time sake – before I let them all go). A few hours later, there was the satisfaction of knowing that no rogue butterscotch chips lay tucked away behind cupboard doors… waste not, want not.

P.S. There is also the satisfaction of knowing that a giant dish of butterscotch bars awaits me in the fridge <grins>.


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