Apologies to Starbucks, but I’m making my own oat fudge bars from now on!

I’ll still get my lattes from the ‘Bucks’, but I think the oat fudge bars are now in my domain.

Late last week, my husband reminded me that the oat fudge bar at Starbucks really is a delicious treat. He shared a piece with me as we waited for our lattes on one of our many visits to Starbucks when we justify the extra $ on a coffee after a long week of work. As I eagerly bit into a piece of the gooey chocolate fudge nestled amongst the rich buttery oat base, I pulled the remainder away and watched the fudge strands extend like mozzarella cheese on a pizza. It was at that moment that I thought, “I’m Googling this recipe and making it!” So on Saturday I Googled, and on Sunday I picked up the missing ingredients (namely the chocolate chips and condensed milk because neither of those last when in my reach). Craig and I had a fun time building this dessert bar together, and an even better time devouring it the next day (it really does taste better after a day of rest). Finally, our co-workers were blessed with the left-overs (this recipe makes a lot if you cut it up into bite sized pieces).

I found this recipe courtesy of Cari Cooks – a Foodbuzz published blog. It matched ingredient for ingredient most of the other recipes I found online and I like the simplicity of her blog, so thanks to Cari for this delicious recipe available here: http://www.caricooks.com/2009/04/recipe-of-day-starbucks-oatmeal-fudge.html

I can’t wait to find another recipe of one of my store-bought favourites… I think baklava is next!

It's not healthy, but it is darn tasty!

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