the world is our lasagna

So a post is long overdue and I was gently reminded by my lovely fiance, Craig, that I had not posted our culinary masterpiece from his visit in December. You see, Craig currently lives in the U.K., so when he came to Canada in December, we spent a few nights in the kitchen making dinner together.  Learning how to cook (although he really does know how) and spending time in the kitchen with me (because he knows how much I love it) were really important to him. Those moments were undoubtedly some of our favourites. We would often start with a glass of white wine and then we’d tackle the various steps of  the recipe. We made a yummy red coconut chicken curry and our proudest accomplishment was the lasagna. Craig’s favourite meal is lasagna, so it was important to me that we make it together.

Now Craig really does have an incredible sense of humour and he’s pretty quick-witted too (possibly a British thing). So when asked to start a pot of boiling water, I was asked to move aside so the “Constant Boiler” could get to work. Craig told me how the art of boiling water is often misunderstood and beginners often make foolish mistakes such as trying to boil water without a pot or in some rare cases, without water. He found me an instructional video on YouTube and recommended I watch it so that I would be properly prepared to boil water. Inspired by his clever Constant Boiler nickname, I bought him which is being launched very soon.

So, we made the lasagna with great success. It was our last big meal together before he had to travel back to the U.K. so while we delighted in our culinary masterpiece, we ate mostly in silence savouring each bite as we also savoured our last moments together. But the impact of our lasagna wasn’t over. A week or two later I would say to Craig that the world is our oyster but since he doesn’t like seafood, I said “or whatever food you prefer” and simultaneously we wrote to each other, the world is our lasagna!

Lasagna Recipe is available from Canadian Living:

Red Coconut Chicken Curry also available from Canadian Living:

The Constant Boiler tidies up after a massive boiling session.
A layer of sauce, noodles, sauce, cheese and spinach, and repeated a few times.


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