The comforts of tradition… even when ill

I graduated on Friday (yay MBA!) and the week leading up to it was filled with long days and sleepless nights. So inevitably, it’s fitting that by Saturday morning my body said “ENOUGH !” and the immune system bailed and left me feeling fairly rotten (sore throat, swollen glands and deep chest congestion). I made a quick trip to the store to grab some lemon and ginger for a special drink that my friends now refer to affectionately as Momma Chowie Tea. It’s a blend of hot water, fresh lemon juice, fresh sliced ginger and unpasturized honey (or regular) that really has some expediting recovery properties that just work. While I was at the store, I realized I didn’t have a pumpkin for my doorstep (Sunday is Halloween afterall). I found a little round one rather quickly and scooped it up. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by childhood memories of carving pumpkings and scooping out the seeds which my mum would help wash and roast in the oven, dusted lightly with some salt to make a nice little snack.

When I got home I grabbed a serrated knife and opened the top of the pumpkin in a jagged pattern. I scooped out nearly two cups of seeds. I was inspired to do some digging for a roasted pumpkin seed recipe that had a little flare (be it spice sugar). I found one called “Jack by Spicy”, which you can find here on the Canadian Living site. Not only did it satisfy my spice craving but also the intense heat I love on just about anything (hot sauce on ice cream might be coming soon). The finished product was a great twist on a traditional favourite and paired nicely with the Momma Chowie Tea cold remedy (recipe below).

Momma Chowie Tea

1 cup boiling water

1 slice fresh lemon

1 tsp of unpasturized honey

1 tsp of grated fresh giner

Add lemon, honey and ginger to boiling water – stir and drink while water is still quite hot. The heat of the drink is also what helps kill bacteria in addition to the ingredients in it.

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