Admittedly, staying full is one of the things I struggle with in my diet. One of the best ways I find to stay full however is to eat I really hearty breakfast. A protein pancake is a nice alternative to my mixture of apples, cottage cheese and grains. However, they’re not always the easiest things to make. They tend to be runny, stick to the pan and ultimatley flip into a giant mess.

In search of a new recipe to try, I came across this one. I tweaked it ever so slightly and threw in a scoop of mint chocolate protein powder. Albeit runny once I blended it, the next morning the batter held shape in the frying pan, and flipped successfully. The pancake was hearty but still flavourful thanks to the protein powder. I didn’t put any fruit on it or in it, but that would definitely jazz up the flavour if you used a less obnxoius protein flavour such as vanilla or chocolate.

Try it – make your breakfast healthy and satisfying!


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