Why I bought mince pies instead of baking them

I’m glad I don’t profess to blog “regularly” on my Twitter bio. Yes… it’s been a while.

Nearing the end of my first pregnancy, it hasn’t always been easy to bake (or write) as frequently as I want. However, that’s not the reason I bought mince pies the other day instead of baking them myself.

My husband, being from the other side of the pond, has on several occasions told me how much he loves mince pies. I’d love nothing more than to bake them for him, but when the opportunity came up to buy them, I felt compelled to for two reasons:

  1. Support a new, local business
  2. Learn from a master

The Great British Bake, based out of Cambridge, Ontario, offers cupcakes, sweet and savoury pies, scones, loaves, quiches and biscuits, plus a host of holiday favourites such as mince pies, shortbread and Christmas morning muffins. In fact, you can still order by today (December 8, 2012) to guarantee special pricing on those holiday items.

When I got my box of pies, I was delighted to see a golden crust, with a rich looking mince filling topped with a sparkling pastry star. The pies were generous in size for just $2 and it took all my willpower to save mine for after lunch.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a mince pie, and if I did, it wasn’t’ memorable, but this certainly was. The pastry had lightness to it that I did not expect, as well as hint of sweetness that complemented the dense filling. What I liked about the mince is that it had great texture and flavours, but it wasn’t overly sweet, so I felt satisfied after the pie, and wasn’t moaning about “eating too much” (extra common reaction when you’re expecting).

The verdict from the husband and his taste testing colleagues (some of them British), was that these were very authentic, traditional and delicious mince pies.

Now understanding the basics of a good English mince pie, it’s my turn to try it… but that certainly doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of the Great British Bake again.

What holiday favourites are you trying for the first time this year?

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