Blueberry Baked French Toast – without a recipe!

For a number of years we have been spending the Canada Day Long weekend at our friends’ cottage just north of Kingston. The tradition is for the “kids” (now adults) to go up without parents (now grandparents) and partake in a few days of relaxing on the deck, fishing on the lake and making delicious cottage food. Okay, we imbibe a bit too.

For the last few years I have always offered a baked breakfast for one of the lazy mornings. First year it was a savory strata with ham and eggs, then I moved to a sweet blueberry and cream cheese strata. Over time, it has changed into a blueberry baked French toast which satisfies a large group and brings a smile to everyones face. The beauty of this breakfast is that it’s made the night before, and popped in to the oven the morning of. The aroma of cinnamon, sugar and blueberries pervades the noses of sleepy cottagers and slowly gets them to rise a little earlier than one would expect after some camp fire tequilas and impromptu dance parties.

This year I decided to not mess with a favourite, and brought a copy of the recipe on my beloved BlackBerry. Forgetting to download it and having no network service in the middle of cottage country, I had to wing it a bit. Was it 6 or 8 eggs? How many tablespoons of sugar? Or was it teaspoons? Luckily I had prepped some of the dry ingredients. One thing I did forget was that in order to feed the crowd of 8, I really need two long French baguettes and of course, I only picked up one. So I asked my brother and husband to pick up a loaf in the local town. Bless them for coming back with a massive loaf of Bavarian rye infused with caraway seeds. I had to chuckle at the thought of putting in the savory flavor into my sweet French toast, but I didn’t have a choice. I tactfully put the “good” bread on one side of the pan, and the “questionable” rye on the other. I was careful to serve the good stuff first. In the end it all tasted pretty good, and only I could truly taste the caraway where it had infused to the middle section of the pan.

This recipe is from Canadian Living and is available on their website:

Sorry no photo – we ate it too quickly!

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