Bake Sale Bliss

Yesterday I produced another batch of lemon macadamia biscotti for a Communitech bake sale today in support of their Ride to Conquer Cancer team. My dad, a Technology Mentor at the Accelerator Centre and Communitech Hub, asked if I would contribute a few treats. Baking and for a good cause? No problem Dad!

Perhaps what was even more exciting than baking this time around was a chance to brand my creations. As I long for a new logo and overhaul of my website, here was a prime opportunity to do a bit of experimenting. I picked up some supplies at Michaels Craft Store, including a hot pink pen, some gift tags and new ribbon. I envisioned it in my head: neatly scribed cards detailing my name, twitter handle, website and the ingredients. I was most concerned about including the ingredients so anyone with allergies could stear clear of the nuts.

While not design-perfect by any means, the concept of the Constant Baker is slowly starting to take shape. My cards had a handwritten warmth to them and the simple touches of a hot pink hand-tied bow in a clear bag showcasing the biscotti made me proud.

I can’t wait to prepare some more treats for another bake sale… or better yet, a store.


P.S. Special thanks to Craig for hand delivering these :)

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